One Stop Solution to Hire Dedicated Development Team

We all know that the Software Development industry is a challenging one, full of innovations and opportunities on day-to-day basis. It is really important to understand the current trends in order to improvise to achieve success and sustainability.

Given the fact that for a specific project requirement, hiring dedicated developers will save time and expenditure on recruiting, training, monitoring and development process for any company, no matter if it is a short-term or long-term project. At LetsNurture, the dedicated development model works in the way mentioned below.

How LetsNurture’s Model of Dedicated Development Team works:

Basis on a requirement for any of the client, the following steps are needed to keep in mind in order to understand that how it works.

    1. Client needs to determine and outline the exact requirements about what he actually is looking for along with the number of resources needed who possess the skills they are looking for.
    2. We understand the requirement and gather a team accordingly to work in-line with the client’s project requirements, work load and the specified time that will be utilised for each delivery milestone.
    1. Our dedicated model involves:
        • Daily work report or communication
        • Weekly work progress
        • Access to Project Management tools like JIRA and GIT.
        • Complete project documentation
        • Technical support for a specified duration
        • Uploading the website on server or app on playstore or apple store are the value added services.


  1. Hiring dedicated development team from LetsNurture will provide the client a full control over the project and the team. On the other hand, our dedicated developers team will ensure to focus in delivering the best results well within the time.

Advantages of Dedicated Development Model :

At LetsNurture, we value trust and ethics above the business. We have efficiently catered our clients around the globe in a successful manner while building long term relationships. The following are some of the many benefits clients can avail by hiring dedicated developers.

    • Dedicated Developers with an understanding of SEO friendly websites : Our PHP team, SEO team and Content team work transparently so that they can suggest the keywords to make the website SEO friendly. This has proven to be a key factor in improving the Google page ranking.
    • Hire tailor made Experts for your Project : Our team of dedicated developers is 100% concentrated on one project at a time. This definitely helps in maintaining the focus while delivering the quality results on time. Hence, you can hire a team from our Offshore Development Centre in India who will be dedicatedly focusing on your requirements.


  • 24 hour Support : LetsNurture always has a team working in multiple shifts from all departments to accommodate our clients globally.
  • Willingness to Work Together : The best results are achieved when there is a strong and smooth communication between the client and the developers. Our team is always available for a client call. As mentioned earlier, client will have full control over the team on daily basis and also be able to manage in runtime, using tools like JIRA, Basecamp and Skype.
  • Welcoming the changes for the projects onboard : The development team and client have a regular brainstorming sessions in case of changes or modifications required. It is to understand the vision of the client and to work efficiently to achieve the desired results.
  • Cost Effective Platform : Setting up IT infrastructure and maintaining it is very expensive and extremely complex. Operational costs by hiring IT specialists, rent on equipment and system maintenance are troublesome too. All these can be avoided by hiring a team of dedicated developers where the overall cost includes the cost of hiring the team.

LetsNurture’s Team of Dedicated Developers will include the following :

It obvious that the resources will be hired on case-to-case basis, following is the pool of resources a client can ask for.

    • Project Manager
    • PHP developers for backend
    • WordPress Developers
    • JavaScript frameworks developers
    • Front end developers
    • Android and iOS App developers
    • UI/ UX designers
    • QA & BA
    • Shadow resources
    • SEO Team

We value quality

On the basis of your right choice of hiring resources, Dedicated Team Model will give you quality ensured deliverables in terms of performance and products. At  LetsNurture, we pledge to serve our clients with maximum quality and value to their expectations.

So get in touch with us now to know more about our services. You may also discuss your budget and we can propose the solutions accordingly to turn your ideas into reality with our in-house experience and expertise.

We will be happy to serve you!