Hire a dedicated phonegap developer to foster your hybrid app development

Building applications for each platform–iPhone, Android, Windows and more–requires different frameworks and languages. PhoneGap solves this by using standards-based web technologies- HTML, CSS and Javascript, to bridge web applications and mobile devices. The only difference is, instead of targeting a mobile browser, hybrid applications target a WebView hosted inside a native container. This enables them to do things like access hardware capabilities of the mobile device.

Reasons why hybrid apps are set to trump native apps in the near future

1. App store limitation

Today, releasing a native mobile app involves packaging the code, submitting it to the app store, and waiting for it to be approved. The entire process can take anywhere from two to seven days. This is an eternity in the mobile world. Mobile app developers won’t be able to update their mobile apps like web apps multiple times a day, if necessary . This is not possible with the limitations of app stores, and hybrid apps are the way out

2. Code re-use

This is the best part of hybrid is your developer can built the app with the technologies they are familiar with- HTML, CSS and Javascript. You can write code once, and deploy it across all your mobile platforms. Mobile app testing equally benefits because you don’t need to write unique test scripts for each app type. Testing against a single codebase also reduces the testing infrastructure you need, and simplifies the QA process.

3. Making marketing time faster

The popularity of mobile apps rises and falls faster than their web counterparts. Ratings, reviews, installs, daily active users and churn rate all add up to decide the fate of a mobile app. In this fast-paced world, hybrid moves you faster from idea to app than native.

Hybrid apps are fast approaching native-like functionality.The mobile ecosystem changes faster than we’d like to believe. And it won’t be long before we look back at how primitive our mobile app development was in the era of app stores and their policing of native apps.

Phonegap is a cross-platform language for the development of your hybrid mobile applications for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows phone as well as Samsung Bada Platform. So the best part is write the code once and implement it everywhere.

Reasons to prefer PhoneGap app development

  • Easy to do rapid testing and deployment of the mobile app.Using the skills of web development to
  • Using the skills of web development to build an amazing app.Saves development cost to deliver high quality hybrid mobile apps
  • Saves development cost to deliver high quality hybrid mobile apps
  • Saves development cost to deliver high quality hybrid mobile appsAn open source, easy to learn and backed up by
  • An open source, easy to learn and backed up by the huge developer community.  Supports a model of plug-in architecture for easy functionality extension.

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Why LetsNurture

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